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Welcome to spearcraft.net!

Welcome to the server,we offer a lot from pvp and factions to mini games like spleef or bowspleef,the server is not fully finished yet and still needs work but feel free to join at any time.

You will start off with 50k,you can buy supplies from the shops by hitting the chest and then typing the amount you want in chat there are also many warps:/warp arena,/warp spleef,/warp bowspleef,/warp stalls,/warp willderness more warps will be coming soon to warn you now spleef and bowspleef will not be up for un-oped players but will be hopefully in the week.If you want to sell somthing fast do /auction people can do /bid ... on the item when your happy with a bid do /call then the id don't try to auction enchanted armour or weapons because it comes out un enchanted!

Donations will be coming soon so don't worry if you are desperate to donate,the donations will be ranging from 10 dollars/pounds to 100 dollars/pounds.If you need to contact the
admin his Skype name is spear18881 and Hotmail is southpark18881@hotmail.co.uk.

Enjoy the server 
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